What’s more popular, Sterling Silver or Gold?

Gold may be a more precious metal than Silver but it’s not more popular when it comes to fashion jewelry. For those of us who have a practical point of view, Sterling Silver is much more versatile than gold. Its main advantage is the price, as it is not as pricey as gold. Although, silver has been consistently going up in price over the past few years and is still expected to keep its upward trend. Which is why, you may see a different price for your favourite silver piece the next time you come across it.

Its other advantage is its composition; depending on its alloy content, it can be as malleable as needed for intricate handcrafting techniques such as weaving and filigree or to achieve a multitude of finishes such as oxidized, brushed, matte, satin, high polish, etc. The best alloy for jewelry is composed of 92.5 % of pure silver and 7.5% of copper which is known as Sterling Silver. The best indicator that your piece is made of Sterling Silver is its hallmark “925″. Any higher amount of pure silver in the alloy would make it too soft and over time the jewelry may loose its shape. The only disadvantage that silver may have is the tendency to tarnish, but gold too looses its lustre over time and to bring it back to life one has to get it cleaned professionally on a regular basis. However, good quality Sterling Silver jewelry has a good anti-tarnish coating and with proper care it will keep its good looks for life.

Silver is also thought to have superpowers. It is one of the main metals used in the ancient times for alchemical processes, spiritual practices and even medicinal applications which can still be found in use today. In alchemy, silver was used so much that it had a series of symbols to be identified by and we chose one to be part of Ispirada’s logo.  Due to its philosophical attributes of feminine persuasion, intuition, inner wisdom, contemplation and creativity, silver has been associated with the Moon and the queen of egyptian goddesses, Isis.  Spiritually, in the Hindi chakra system silver is part of the 6th chakra where it symbolizes the 3rd Eye that is deemed to be the bridge between human and the divine.  Silver’s medicinal properties were used in the natural remedies of both the ancient and the modern times.  The ancient application was seen in the cleansing of the liver and the spleen. The modern day use is in the form of Colloidal Silver as a natural antibiotic, anti viral, and anti-fungal that is used externally or internally.

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated with silver jewelry and I love collecting pieces that have unique designs and have a good weight to them as well. I look at my silver jewelry as pieces of art that I can use to adorn my body and put the finishing touches to my outfits.

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